yo soy español, and links

Spain won! Oh. Well, fine, Bubelah and I spent half of our honeymoon in Spain – and it was a lovely place – so fine. I can’t say I got “into” the World Cup this time around, but I’m moderately happy Spain won. I’ve been to the Netherlands more times than I can count and I have only vague recollections of it. Nothing against it – I actually quite liked it – but it was just blah, like Germany or France, in a hazy “Euro” kind of way. Much like parts of America, it’s had many of the things that make it a pleasant country “blanded out” into a smooth, beige Europeanism. Spain still has a bit of individuality. So great that they won, and kudos to the Netherlands for keeping it close til the last second. So there are my vague touristy-and-business-travel-y impressions of a few countries.

Once again, I managed to get a bit behind on the links post, but for good reason. My parents have been visiting while Bubelah visited New York briefly to check on a sick relative. Once she returned, we also had a fun visit with my aunt and uncle, so it’s been busy! One of the things that I love about short-term unemployment is the freedom to spend time with people. Just for the record, the thing I hate about short-term unemployment is the lack of income. Even though we have a healthy go-to-hell fund, I hate seeing it eaten down.

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One miscellaneous announcement: I’d like to put up a series of posts from people talking about their takes on careers or entrepreneurship or anything like that, centered around the theme “why my work makes sense to me.” I don’t know if I’ll get a lot of response, but if you love what you do and want to write about it on brip blap, I’d love to share it. It’s part of a larger project I’m working towards (an e-book, I’m certain that’s a shock).