greatest hits

I decided I’d put together a few of my “greatest hits” on one page, just in case you’re new to the site (and if you are, welcome)!  My thoughts have changed on a few of them over the years…

  • 101 thoughts on losing 100 pounds:  The most popular post I’ve ever written.  I started keeping a list of various thoughts I had while losing over 100 pounds.  They range from philosophical to practical to simply amusing.  It’s been inspirational to a lot of people – even to me when I go back and read it from time to time!
  • 38 random thoughts on building prosperity:  Another very popular post, in which I came up with 38 simple ideas to not only make money, but actually diversify your income sources away from your job.
  • 8 steps to a six figure career:  I explain the 8 steps that I believe were responsible for my achievement of a six-figure salary at a young age.  This post was referenced by Penelope Trunk in her now-defunct Yahoo! Finance column, and that surge of traffic was one of the building blocks of my blog.
  • spend less than you earn – the wrong way to think:  I know, it’s a “gotcha!” kind of title, but I like to think that this is a good warning about the perils of looking too much at spending and not thinking more about earning.
  • a little-too-late advice on building wealth:  Another post that people seemed to enjoy a lot – some practical advice designed for the young person just starting out.
  • how to make money without a job and why you should:  This post originally appeared at Lazy Man and Money, and then I reworked it and ran it on brip blap about a year later.  Other than my weight loss post, more people come to brip blap for the first time searching for terms that lead them to this post.
  • 11 tips to a soda-free existence:  A very early post that later caught the attention of Wisebread, this post is related to weight loss:  I talk about how I quit drinking soda despite being an 8 or 9 diet soda per day drinker for 20 years.
  • follow the white rabbit to financial freedom:  My goofy allegory from The Matrix, comparing the consumerist world with the Matrix’s bleak “machine world.”
  • 67 ways to outlive 106 billion people:   OK, three years later this post seems a little preachy, but I think it still has many valuable lessons.

And some more of my most popular posts:

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