I’ve been fortunate enough to have my work – and myself – appear in a few different media venues.  I’ve had the great opportunity to have my content published and/or shared on sites like USA TodayMSN Money,Yahoo! Finance, the Wall Street Journal and others.

My most recent appearance on Marketplace Money can be found here, in which I give my opinions on how to stay financially fit in 2011.

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Radio Appearances

American Public Media Marketplace Personal Finance Bloggers Check In: Tess Vigeland, Marketplace Money, June 12th, 2009

Steve defends the use of credit cards, and discusses why he thinks spending habits and the new emphasis on frugality won’t result in long-term changes in American’s financial habits.

American Public Media Marketplace Personal Finance Bloggers Check In: Tess Vigeland, Marketplace Money, Feb. 6th, 2009

Steve talks about how the economy has affected him personally due to the collapse of the consulting market on Wall Street.

American Public Media Marketplace Blogging the volatile markets: Tess Vigeland, Marketplace Money, Sept. 26, 2008

Recorded shortly after the $700 billion bailout package, Steve expresses his doubt about the prospects for a quick recovery, as well as talking about why he believes you can’t save your way to prosperity.

American Public Media Marketplace The world of personal finance bloggers: Tess Vigeland, Marketplace Money, Aug. 8, 2008

Steve explains how he started blogging and why the blog is called “brip blap.”

Blog interviews

I’ve been fortunate enough to be interviewed a few times by other bloggers; it’s always fun and I’ve appreciated the opportunities immensely!

Brip Blap Interview 7/8/2009 – Ask Mr Credit Card | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

LivingAlmostLarge » Interview – Brip Blap

Subscriber Swap Saturday: Brip Blap | No Debt Plan

Future media appearances

I’d be happy to be interviewed, be part of a roundtable, speak or even just offer up reviews.  You can contact me on the contact page, tweet me at Twitter @bripblap or email me with the username bripblap (had to do that to avoid spammers).  Or just contact me below:

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