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This week Bubelah and I have been furiously packing.  You never know how much stuff you have until you try to organize it and put it in boxes.  Another challenge is trying to decide whether or not to – for example – throw out an old bathroom mat.  You’ll need it, of course, but it’s just one more thing, and it’s old.   At least for now we’ve decided to go with the take-everything-possible theory, in order to minimize the amount of new stuff we’ll need to buy immediately.

But since we’re moving this week, don’t expect roundups for a week or two.  I’ll keep the posts coming, but the “real time” updates like these will have to wait.  I was trying to decide whether moving or having a baby was more disruptive, and I think moving is!

On to the links:

Some dry reading, but worth checking out if you’re looking for a federal job:  Government Careers – Applying for Federal and Security-Related Jobs.

Save Money by Turning Off Your Television?:  We have canceled satellite altogether this week.  We have digital TV (broadcast) and Netflix, and that’s it.  I have to be honest – signal quality is fine, we were already down to basic satellite so we didn’t lose much (mainly Nickelodeon and the Food Network) and Netflix is the only TV I really care about watching, anyway.  It’s not the point of this article – it’s more about how you will be more successful and wealthy without watching TV – but we’ll see how our experiment in satellite/cable-less life helps us.

How To Save Money – The 1,001 List Of Money Saving Tips And Ideas:  A huge list of money-saving tips, and unlike Wisebread’s new book (which, don’t get me wrong, seems like a good idea although I haven’t read it), it’s free!

Credit Card Rewards Programs Illusion Myth: Mr. ToughMoneyLove, who had a few harsh words for me about my post on credit card rewards (see his comment here) has his own opinion.  I disagree with it, but see what you think about his take on it.

You can have whatever you like…

And some other articles I enjoyed:

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  1. I sure hope you're NOT using U-Haul. Worst. Company. Ever. Go Penske if self-moving.

  2. I sure hope you're NOT using U-Haul. Worst. Company. Ever. Go Penske if self-moving.

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