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Just in case anyone has noticed that I have been somewhat quiet in regards to comments and emails, I beg your forgiveness and I hope to catch up soon.  Something I never could have predicted – out of all of the things I was nervous about – happened over the last few days after my daughter was born.  I got very sick the day after she was born with what I guess was a flu.  I’ve been staggering around with a 103 fever, unable to eat anything, coughing through the mask I had to wear for fear of infecting everyone else and generally struggling just to keep moving.  Just to put it in context, I am very seldom sick.  After losing so much weight and starting to eat a healthier, natural diet (and washing my hands and using Purell a lot) I’ve found I get maybe one cold per winter and it’s usually over in 48 hours.  I haven’t had anything more serious than a cold except once in the last 10 years (I had a bout with strepthroat about 4 winters ago).

I do count my blessings, though.  My parents and my wife’s parents and sister were supremely helpful, my daughter and son are both doing well, and my wife is recovering very well from the delivery, too.  So there is much to be grateful for.  If the worst that happened was me getting sick, so be it.  Probably the worst of it for me has been that other than the first day – before I realized I was sick – I haven’t been allowed to hold my daughter, which has been a real emotional downer.  But tomorrow I think I will be ‘healthy’ with a small ‘h’ and getting back on board with the fun stuff of parenting and problogging and enjoying summer at home.

So bear with me!  I appreciate all the comments and emails and just felt bad that I had fallen so far behind, and I will get caught up!

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  1. Feel better soon, Steve! I hope you’re holding her soon!

    Don’t worry about us – your family comes first.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! If your daughter was born in a hospital just blame them and their germs!

  3. I hope you’re feeling better, Steve. I didn’t lose 100 pounds, but through better eating and exercise, at an age where many men get the middle age spread, my doctor praises that I’ve actually lost a few pounds (everyone repeat after me: annual checkups are essential).

    As for illness, I get a cold once every three or four years. However, I work largely out of my home, and am not in contact with sick people in the workplace. Airplanes were a killer for me this year, though.

  4. Hope you feel better! That must be quite frustrating since you’ve got a new baby. But take some time to get rested and take care of yourself.

  5. It’s okay man, I know you’re worrying about replying to my email/comments all the time. I understand, so stop worrying. As I am rather important, I know there is going to be some hair pulling no matter what, but I am just trying to be a motivational speaker here.

    You know. A lot of hype with no substance.

    Have you notice how my comments just always ramble off?

    I need a sandwich.

    Get better soon

  6. That’s a bummer, hope it passes soon. But please, get offline to tend to your more important things! No more updates until we get pictures! 🙂

  7. Sorry to hear that you have been down and out. That exact same thing happened to me last year when my son was born. I got Epstein Bar Virus which knocked me out for a 2 months. So I hope your are recovering well and feeling better.


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