Marketplace radio appearance

The Old Jukebox

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I taped an interview with Tess Vigeland of American Public Media’s Marketplace Money show. I was interviewed along with Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity and Lynnae of  The radio program ran Friday.  If you missed it, you can go here and listen to it online, or download an mp3 of the show.

And if you’re visiting brip blap for the first time, welcome!  Here are some of my most popular articles:

The interview was about 30 minutes long (for all three of us combined) and the final cut’s closer to 5 minutes – so it’s a fairly brief piece, but if nothing else you can hear what bloggers like me actually sound like!  I had a good time doing the interview, and hopefully that shows in the piece.

photo credit: C.P.Storm