fourth marketplace money appearance

I’ve appeared on Tess Vigeland’s Marketplace Money show a few times along with Lynnae of being frugal and Jim of Bargaineering for the “bloggers’ roundtable” segment. This was another fun segment to tape with Tess, Lynnae and Jim.

The episode ran today.   This one was particularly fun for me since I had to visit the Jacksonville studio rather than the Manhattan studio.  We covered a lot of ground – even more than you hear on the show, but you’ll get the best parts of what we spoke about. You can listen here.  Chime in here or at the Marketplace site if you liked it!

Additionally you can download the program (hat tip to Jim, who pointed out that our segment starts at 20:57). There is also a transcript of the show.

Previous appearances of the “bloggers’ roundtable” can be found here:

Photo by David Jones

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