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Here’s a quandry. Since we’ve moved to Florida, almost exactly a year ago, my family’s been sick.  A lot.  Allergies, infections, miscellaneous bugs – it has gone on and on.  My son got sick last week, then just as he recovered my daughter went down – hard – with the same bug, throwing up and feverish for a few days.  Just as she calmed down, I woke up in the morning with pinkeye (conjunctivitis) and Bubelah came down with an ear infection (and both of us had the same cold our kids had).

Now you could argue that it’s simply the difficulties of having a small child in preschool (Little  Buddy) or maybe I have sickly work colleagues, or maybe it’s just bad luck. It’s infuriating not knowing, of course, because if I knew that our family was simply allergic to the plants of the climate or otherwise poorly dispositioned to the region I might be thinking of moving on.

On the other hand, we love the area, the schools and the climate (hot, but cool and breezy on the beaches).  So it’s an annoying development to be sick more times in the past year than I’ve been in the past five in New Jersey.

Link it up:

Don’t Be A Sucker: Why Private Schools Are Financial Rip Offs: Said it before and I’ll say it again – the gains to be made from going to a private school don’t offset the loss of cash. Unless your kid is studying to be a musical genius or something, it’s a waste.

6 Easy Ways to Save Money without a Budget: I don’t budget (although perhaps I should) and the main point is simply to be aware of your spending.

Are You Ready For A Social Security System Overhaul?: Dreading, but ready.  I don’t think any reasonably sober person expects Social Security to remain unchanged long-term.  Something will change.  My hope is simply that I’ll get something out of it – anything, really – before it disappears.  I’m not an alarmist (and I think most politicians are) but based on the way the system’s built it’s hard to see us surviving the Generation With The Greatest Opinion Of Themselves – aka the Boomers – without some changes.

Health Care Bill Impacts: Insurance Options for Young Adults, and related Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics: Health care’s just going to be a continuing pile of bureaucratic horrors in our country. I’m a fiscal conservative in many ways, but not in this one: single-payer government-provided health care (or a slightly modified version) is the way that every single other modern democracy has chosen to go. The US is bringing up the rear in this debate.

Are You Celebrating the Sex and the City Movie?:  Does the sun rise in the west?  I’ve complained for years that these characters are hideous people with awful behavior and almost psychotic obsessions with superficialities.  I would be embarrassed for any of them to be my friend.

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  1. Your children's bodies always go through a period of adjustment in a new climate. Their immune system is low. They bring home the illness to you. You have the antibodies ready for your native climate.
    In cold climates we often worked through illness. Warm ones were a piece of cake. My immune system was brought up in Arizona!

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