linklings, informal survey edition

I’ve struggled recently with topics. I started brip blap writing about many “typical” personal finance issues:  money management, frugality, economic issues, and so on.  I’ve also written about health, careers, productivity and family.

So here’s the survey, and I would sincerely appreciate any input: would it help or hurt brip blap to add additional writers (I’d stil post as much, but add a post or two from another writer each week)?  And would it help or hurt to focus in on a narrower range of subjects, or do you just enjoy my random outbursts?

If you don’t want to comment, email me at or catch me on twitter @bripblap – or even call me if you want:

If you’re an RSS reader, launch up the site.  I’ve got a new theme.  Love it?  Hate it?  You love it, because I worked on it and don’t plan to change it back, OK?  I’m not Chad Ochocinco, promising to change my name if I get locked down on Revis Island (and he DID get locked down, and he’s not changing his name back to Johnson).

Sorry for the NFL reference that will elude a lot of you… on to the links…

Michael Lewis: Wall St. Is Done:  No, it’s not.  It’ll be right back.
Want to Work for Free? Start a Business:  I started off slow, earning money with this blog (and others) and haven’t advanced my earnings to the level of the “big” bloggers; but I do try to remind myself that I’m doing fairly well compared to 90% of the other bloggers and online “webpreneurs” out there.
Pros and cons of being wealthy: I really enjoyed Felix Dennis’ book, and it should be a must-read for anyone who dreams of being “superwealthy” as opposed to merely rich.
How To Create A Blog For Fun Or Profit:  I recommend “for fun.”  You won’t profit for a while, and if you don’t enjoy the subject you’ll have trouble with keeping it up.  I’m bored with personal finance, for example, so writing about it is a struggle.  Frugality is even harder to write about.  Career and life issues are a lot more important to me these days, hence the question above.

…oh wait, a few more…

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12 Replies to “linklings, informal survey edition”

  1. I don't think additional writers would hurt. That might bring in a different perspective of things. I think a variety of topics is good combined with an occasional in-depth discussion on narrower topics.

    (I feel like I havn't answered your question.. haha)

  2. Hi, Steve. I’m a new subscriber but I’ve been through the archives too. I love your “random outbursts”. Frequency doesn’t matter too much to me tho I’d wonder what happened to you if you didn’t post for a couple of weeks. It’s content that’s important.
    As for bringing in guest writers, it’s OK in moderation – no more than one or two a week unless you need the time off to refresh and research. And bring in a variety of people, not just two or three of your blogging buddies. (No insult intended.)
    As for subject matter, I read widely so I’m not limited. I like your perspectives so if you want to write about, oh, motorcycles one day and meatloaf the next it’s fine with me.
    One of the things that annoys me is bloggers who frequently post just a bunch of links to other blogs. But standalone posts of links are OK once a week or so (especially if some of those links are to your own old posts), and it’s certainly OK to put several links at the end of a post like Frugal Dad does.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I subscribed to read your thoughts and ideas, not someone else’s.
    Keep those posts coming, love your writing.
    PS: The new site is marvelous but comments don’t work in Opera.

  3. I read your blog because each article shows a lot of thought. You don't just regurgitate the facts like many bloggers (I often find myself in the latter group, though I try to mix it up).

    Your articles on career and life perspective topics are among my favorite on your site (life perspective being based on your experiences in Russia and Germany, perspectives on wealth, etc.).

    That said, I think bringing on additional bloggers can help out. It will give you breaks and add new voices to your site. If it doesn't work, then it was a worthwhile effort and you can move on. You can always bring on writers to add content in areas you don't normally discuss, but that are important. For example, if you are burnt out on money management, you may find someone who writes on that topic.

    1. This.

      But I don't think you need additional writers. So what if you post once a week or whatever your schedule is? That makes each post a golden nugget, rather than … a chicken nugget.

      I really enjoy the personal tales — moving to Florida, living overseas, etc.

      And I like the design upgrade. You can breathe easy. 🙂

  4. I'm happy with your schedule now. And I'm not keen on tons of cross-posting to different blogs.

    There is a reason why you were interviewed on NPR – keep the same model going.

  5. I like reading your posts. I don't really care how often you post. I think you have a nice mix of topics and a good way of mixing information in each of your posts. Bripblap is the reason why I am reading the blog. I am not sure what other people could add to your blog.

    In the end it is really up to you to decide where you want to take the blog. And that will determine the content, staff writers, frequency, design, etc. Nothing new there, right?

    Talking about the design of your site, I like the look. I recognize some of the photos.

  6. If it will be as good as your posts, then I'll be glad to be back here for more reading!

  7. i doubt i'm representative of your typical readers, so my comment is not too helpful… but i think your voice is what makes the site, so no frets if you can't post every day or whatever.
    but if you feel like adding another writer would add some value, then i wouldn't be opposed to it. 🙂

  8. I think its always good to have different perspective and thought that are well thought out and and spoken in depth leave a much more impact than the ones spoken about in air just for the sake of it

  9. I think it ultimately depends on what your preference is and how you think your loyal readership will collectively feel with such a move.

    One possibility could be as an alternative to bringing on new writers for part-time roles or whatever capacity you may envision, could be to have some Guest Posts (hint hint) from bloggers within the same blog niche as you.

    That way, you keep your own originality and uniqueness to your site without compromising too much and having too many writers or even a couple writers blogging for you too frequently.

    At the end of the day, it's your call, and I'm sure your readership will respect your decision.

  10. I'm not sure I have an answer for you because I'm not sure I've found the answer for myself. My problem is I have lots of things I'd like to write about, but they aren't all entirely overlapping.

    In fact, I may start another blog to spin them off. I do this with trepidation because I dropped two this time last year, but this new blog would be in a related field.

    As well as allowing you to portion off some of the less relevant posts, maybe this would reintroduce you to the excitement of why you got blogging in the first place? Just a theory.

    Thanks for including me in your roundup!

    1. @Monevator: Well, I actually DO have several other blogs, ranging from an audit/compliance/economics blog to a health blog; at various times I've had a movie blog, a book blog, a sports blog, etc. I have found that more than 1 blog is difficult; more than 2 is impossible (for me at least). I'm probably going to stick with 2 (brip blap and my 'professional' blog) but anything more than that is probably too much based on my past history!

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