linklings, informal survey edition

I’ve struggled recently with topics. I started brip blap writing about many “typical” personal finance issues:  money management, frugality, economic issues, and so on.  I’ve also written about health, careers, productivity and family.

So here’s the survey, and I would sincerely appreciate any input: would it help or hurt brip blap to add additional writers (I’d stil post as much, but add a post or two from another writer each week)?  And would it help or hurt to focus in on a narrower range of subjects, or do you just enjoy my random outbursts?

If you don’t want to comment, email me at or catch me on twitter @bripblap – or even call me if you want:

If you’re an RSS reader, launch up the site.  I’ve got a new theme.  Love it?  Hate it?  You love it, because I worked on it and don’t plan to change it back, OK?  I’m not Chad Ochocinco, promising to change my name if I get locked down on Revis Island (and he DID get locked down, and he’s not changing his name back to Johnson).

Sorry for the NFL reference that will elude a lot of you… on to the links…

Michael Lewis: Wall St. Is Done:  No, it’s not.  It’ll be right back.
Want to Work for Free? Start a Business:  I started off slow, earning money with this blog (and others) and haven’t advanced my earnings to the level of the “big” bloggers; but I do try to remind myself that I’m doing fairly well compared to 90% of the other bloggers and online “webpreneurs” out there.
Pros and cons of being wealthy: I really enjoyed Felix Dennis’ book, and it should be a must-read for anyone who dreams of being “superwealthy” as opposed to merely rich.
How To Create A Blog For Fun Or Profit:  I recommend “for fun.”  You won’t profit for a while, and if you don’t enjoy the subject you’ll have trouble with keeping it up.  I’m bored with personal finance, for example, so writing about it is a struggle.  Frugality is even harder to write about.  Career and life issues are a lot more important to me these days, hence the question above.

…oh wait, a few more…

photo by Eleaf