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Unless you’ve read brip blap almost from the very beginning, you probably missed some of my earlier posts in which I talked about the field I work in most of the time (audit). I wrote this about Dell:

my profession of auditing does not seem to be well respected. We do, however, serve a purpose, as was made dazzingly clear Friday :

Dell Inc. will restate its earnings for fiscal years 2003 through 2006 and the first quarter of 2007 after an internal audit found that certain employees had changed corporate account balances in order to meet quarterly financial targets, the company said Thursday.

from “Dell auditors shake things up

I was reminded of that article after reading this bit from Going Concern: Gun to Head, Dell Implements an ‘Accounting Code of Conduct’. Yep. Pigeons come home to roost. We call them accountants. I am Spartacus.

Daycare vs. Stay At Home: A Mom’s Perspective: A thoughtful response to Jim’s post on the costs and benefits of daycare (as opposed to having a stay-at-home parent). I have written on this subject (kids, stay-at-home parenting and work) quite a bit: I was actually surprised, flipping back through my archives. These are just the articles I had off the top of my head – I imagine I’ve written more…

  • Ho w to work from home with small kids: After Bubelah and I have tried to do this sporadically for a few years, I’d say that even if you can, it’s unpleasant. You can be substantially more productive hiring a babysitter and then going to a library or Starbucks to do your work.
  • rich mom, poor mom: I managed to annoy a lot of people with this article. You could misinterpret it slightly to think I was saying stay-at-home parents were inherently better, but as I re-read it I think I just meant that you’re better off being around your kids than you are working like crazy to give them things – hardly a controversial statement in the personal finance blog world.
  • the myth of the parent that NEEDS to work : Many couples claim to be “forced” to work two jobs to make ends meet, but is it really “making ends meet” when you don’t live a frugal lifestyle? I still think this is true. We’ve sacrificed over the years so that Bubelah can stay home, but when she goes back to work – probably in a year or so – it’s going to be because she wants to have the mental challenge, not because we need the money – our lifestyle has been configured for a single income (plus some wealthstreaming).

unrelated photo by omniNate, not Bubelah or Little Buddy – just though it was a nice photo on Flickr

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