linklings, packin’ and movin’ edition

1/3 finished packing

We’re less than two weeks from our move now, so most of our days are filled with packing, throwing out and cataloging our stuff.
It’s a weird experience.  Removing yourself from a place in which you were so deeply entrenched is a jarring experience.  I can’t say, even now, that I’m going to be sorry to leave, because I’m ready to go on many, many levels.  Yet at the same time it is a little odd to start packing up the home in which two children were born, and the first home I ever bought.  It was a new home, and Bubelah and I put a lot of sweat equity into painting every square inch of the place, hanging blinds and curtains and making a million small improvements.  But we’re still more excited about new experiences than we are about hanging onto rooms we’ve painted.

A few links:

Alternative Income is a Form of Insurance: Patrick’s family (soon to grow a little larger) is going to be better off thanks to his alternative income – worth remembering.

The Miser’s Peril: Why You Should Save for Tomorrow AND Enjoy Today: We wrestle with this question quite often: as heavy, heavy savers, at what point do you cut loose and just spend?

Financial Freedom in Five Years (and the Difference Between Rich and Wealthy): Rich vs. wealthy – there is a difference.

Fleeting Wants vs Genuine Wants: I think a lot of people struggle with their wants, and learning to distinguish between a fleeting want and a genuine want is tough – but it’s critical in order to manage your money.

How Will You Spend the Money From Your Parents’ Estates When They’re Gone?: Nobody likes to think about this, and the simple fact is that for many of us we won’t have much to consider, health care costs being what they are. My grandparents on my mother’s side saved a huge amount and watched it all evaporate thanks to health care costs at the end of my grandfather’s life. It’s OK – it was their money to spend on themselves – but just because your parents have some money now doesn’t mean you can look forward to inheriting a dime, frankly.

Going Off The Grid Once A Week: This is a cool idea but I’m not there yet. I like the idea of backing off one day a week, but I like lights for reading and cooking in the kitchen, etc. Turning off the TV? OK. Turning off the lights in the bathroom? Not there yet.

Consider the Impact On Your Finances When Taking a Paid Leave of Absence, FMLA, or Disability From Work: Paid leaves of absence are a luxury. I didn’t get one. The state of New Jersey guaranteed me unpaid leave, but my company didn’t offer 1 day of paid leave when either of my children were born. And you know what? It’s fine. Staying home was worth the loss of income.

A few more links worth checking out:

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  1. Thanks for sharing my article. The point about health care costs is a good one, and I was factoring out all those sorts of considerations when I wrote the piece. Not only does health care cost a lot but the very end of life itself is costly, with funeral and other expenses. Unfortunately financial planning ultimately has to consider these things, too. My own parents have made all their own plans and have taken care of it – and they still have decades to go!

  2. You guys are doing great with the packing. We were still packing the day of the move! I hope the move goes smoothly.

    Thanks for including my article.

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  5. I can tell you guysn are really on top of your packing expenditure..I'll suggest you start with the heavier items first and chuck in the lighter and smaller ones.. Great article guys..

  6. I can tell you guysn are really on top of your packing expenditure..I'll suggest you start with the heavier items first and chuck in the lighter and smaller ones.. Great article guys..

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