Jefferson on attitude, and roundup

Thought for the week:

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
– Thomas Jefferson

I had more exposition written here, originally, but I decided it was long enough to break out into a post of its own, so it will appear tomorrow as a standalone post.  Until then, read the links:

6 Tips to Eat Less and Lose Weight:  Volumetrics is the idea that you should simply eat larger volumes of less caloric food.  That, combined with drinking a lot of water, would seem to be a pretty solid basis of a diet that ‘tricks’ you into feeling fuller.  I just wonder if you can construct a varied diet using that trick.  I think drinking seltzer also helps, personally – the gas in it is, of course, non-caloric, and having a lot of fizzy water in your stomach does make you feel quite full.

Finances of the Average American: I always find these kinds of stats staggering:  25% of Americans have NO savings.  It’s either an indictment of our debt-ridden, consumerist society, or it’s a sad commentary on capitalism.

A Grocery-Shopping Hiatus: How Long Can You Eat from the Pantry?: I’ve often threatened to do this – not buy any new food until what we have is completely gone – but I’ve only ever done it once, when I was single.  It’s too hard to get a whole family on board with this idea.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Unemployment?:  It seems ridiculous to me that you pay into the unemployment system then get taxed on it when you are unemployed and start drawing “your” money back out, basically, but there it is.  Good thing we tax that.

Tax Deadlines Spring 2011 and Tax Software Discounts:  Hard to believe that tax time is creeping up on us.  I wish my broker would hustle to get my forms to me so I could get started.

Are Credit Card Rewards Taxable?: This thought had honestly never occurred to me, but I suppose those rewards do represent income.  It just never crossed my mind that I might need to pay taxes on them – read the article to find the answer to that question.

Simple Thank You Gifts For A Host: That’s not a bad idea.

Market Value Measures: P/E, PEG, Dividend Yield, Price to Book Ratio: Always useful to understand the basics.

A Collection of Free Kindle Resources: If you have a KindleKindle, this article can sum up the free resources – there are few alternatives, and rightly so.  As Trent points out, writing a book is hard work and authors do want to be compensated.  Crazy, right?

A Layoff Story: The Ant, the Grasshopper, the Honeybee & COBRA: I have a “magic number” for an emergency fund that lets me sleep well at night: $40,000.  It’s fairly close to Len’s number.

Create Time to Change Your Life: You know, Leo’s blog was one of my inspirations for starting to blog myself.  Then I got a little bit tired of the direction he headed with a lot of (what I perceived to be) breezy, non-helpful articles about “just look at the clouds and smile” types of subjects.  But recently his blog has taken off again (for me, at least).  I think removing comments helped.  But I really liked this post, and his book Focus, while repetitive at times, had some very inspirational ideas in it.

Zen and the Art of Investment Banking: When Working Right is More Important than Finding the Right Work: A very good (and long) read.  It is true that many of the people who ‘do what they love’ may be exceptions, rather than the rule.  It may not be what you do for a living, it may just be your personality which makes it difficult for you to enjoy any type of work.

The Marshmallow Test for Retirement: I’ve heard of this study before, but if it’s true both I – and my family – are in trouble.  I can’t even vaguely imagine either of my kids sitting and waiting to eat a marshmallow.  Probably something I should work on correcting, except that Bubelah and I are probably the same, at the core.

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  1. Then again you lost 100 pounds–so in some instances it is certainly better to only eat 1 marshmallow instead of waiting to earn the 2nd.

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