draft, drift and dreft – and links

I had a sudden inspiration on that title and realized that these words summoned up my past few days in a nutshell. The draft – the NFL draft consumed a good piece of my attention for a few days.  My Jets didn’t need much current-year help, so I wasn’t too worried about their picks, but the draft was interesting overall.  Here in Florida the Tebow watch was unbelievable.  The drift?  I managed to spend another week – in a long series of weeks – without really managing to do anything about the increasingly-likely-to-end consulting contract I’m working on.  This blog provides minimal income, and my other business ventures are a victim (sob story) of the poor economy.  I’d like to start a landscaping design business, but it’s hard to set aside the six-figure consulting gig.  And Dreft?  We were up to our ears in baby-and-kid tasks this weekend; cleaning up the house, running kid-related errands and simply serving the needs of The Kids.  Exhausting.  Very fun, at points, don’t get me wrong:  I loved chasing down a  soccer field with my 2-year old daughter who has shown an amazing ability to kick and direct an adult-sized soccer ball; she caught me with a crossover misdirection that had me dreaming of MLS contract money (hah).  It’s all good, but it’s all tiring!

Some links.  Someday I’ll start summarizing them again, but for now, just pick a couple at random and go there!