cloudy days, and links

We’ve had a cloudy week in Florida:  it’s been cold and gloomy, suffering from the trace remnants of the tropical storm.  That – plus a visit from relatives – conspired to reduce my writing time to almost nothing.

I did attend a birthday party for a friend of my son’s on Saturday at the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese’s.  We had told my son that no CEC existed in our city; until the birthday party he had assumed we were simply a backwards, uncivilized corner of the world.  But since we got the invitation – for one of his best friends – we had to go.  So we went.

My kids go to a Waldorf-inspired school.  It’s focused on art, singing, creativity, etc.  TV, computers and electronica in general are all strictly forbidden.  We cheat, of course – at home we do watch TV, and I do let the kids play and similar sites.  But when I get dropped into an environment like CEC I realize that there is a tidal wave of electronic media overpowering our kids today.  A level of electronic stimulation almost unimaginable to Gen Xers like myself exists.  I don’t know what the long term effect of such heavy duty electronic stimulation will be…but wow.


I have to be honest – I didn’t get around to reading much on the internet over the past few days, so I don’t have much of a roundup to promote.  But, such as it is, here you go: