black friday death

I’m sure I won’t be the only person to mention this event during the weekend, but I was shocked and saddened to see reports of a death in Long Island at a Wal-Mart Black Friday event.

I’m sure others will use this incident to speak about the evils of capitalism and the pitfalls of greed, but after I found out that this was a Wal-Mart worker, not an overanxious shopper, I simply felt sad. Imagining some poor guy – in his early 30s – showing up in the wee hours of the morning to earn a little seasonal pay and dying because he was slammed to the floor by people anxious to get a cheap plasma TV or xbox is just sad.  Sad.  I hope everyone who thought it was fun to crash through the doors early in the morning to get cheap consumer goods sleeps well tonight.  Some things in our society have just gotten out of hand.  Let’s take a step back:  crashing through a discount store’s doors at 5 am to get cheap consumer electronics does not need to be a death sport.