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Happy Labor Day.  It’s one of the most pointless holidays we have now, the celebration of labor in an increasingly labor-unfriendly economy; much like Thanksgiving, it’s been transformed into a celebration of consumerism through sales and quick vacations.  I’m as much a participant as I am a critic, so I don’t consider myself above it all.  I love football and Labor Day, to me, is as much the harbinger of football season as anything else.  But be proud of work.  I’m proudest of my work when I do a good job and help others out.  I’m good at technological solutions for finance problems, and when I can help a company get better at what they do through my skills, I’ve done my bit for labor.  It’s not putting hoe to soil… but it’s what I can offer in America circa 2011.

I have a couple of interesting interviews coming up – I’ve been lucky to get in touch with a few good authors recently, and I’m looking forward to talking with them and sharing the results once I manage to suss out the spare time to read the books.  But in other exciting developments, brip blap is now available via Amazon.com on the Kindle…. click here.  I thought that was great, although Amazon’s insistence on forcing me to charge $.99 per month for the subscription was annoying – I would have offered it free if that was an option.  But it’s not, so I apologize for that and appreciate anyone who chooses to subscribe that way, it supports my efforts here.

As always, I really appreciate comments and emails, so keep them coming!

Links… these are my friends and other interesting sites online, so check them out.

(No attribution for the art since I got it from a site which seemed to indicate that it was free usage – it’s tricky getting artwork sometimes!)

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  1. Interesting, is anyone using the Kindle for blog subscriptions? I’m a big Kindle fan, but don’t use it for blogs. I doubt I ever will, but I’m curious if others do.

    1. No, the last time I checked I think I had two subscriptions (although I haven’t publicized it much). I can’t imagine using my Kindle to subscribe to a single-author blog that posts 1-3 times a week, but I guess if I was a huge fan of Lifehacker or Mashable or something I could see forking over the $1 a month. But otherwise I can’t think of any blogs that I’d need to see ‘pushed’ to my Kindle. If amazon gave the option to make it free, maybe, but when I set my blog up it forced a $.99 minimum per month. I really did it more for fun than anything else, just to see my name on amazon.com 🙂

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