there are still articles worth reading, and links

I have the best intentions to post links on Sundays, because there are a lot of articles worth reading. Here are a few thing this week:

Help a Reader: Lump Sum or Monthly Payment (Free Money Finance):

Good question.

The People’s Tech Revolution (Infographic) | Frugal Dad

What to Do If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes on Time

» MonaVie, Are You Hacking My Website?  Lazy Man has been hammered by the snake oil salesmen – support his site, he’s attacking fraudsters.

Wealthy Barmaid, Groupon, Magazine Stocks and More | Million Dollar Journey

Jean Chatzky’s Small Business Secrets to Success : Money Smart Life

What is Your Target Refinance Rate?

Pre-Tax vs After Tax Retirement Investments: 401K vs Roth IRA:

The Real Cost of Extreme Couponing

GM Bonuses Skyrocket while Bondholders Get Screwed | Darwin’s Money

Saving Money for the Future? Start Now | My Journey to Millions

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