The Final Four

No, not the basketball one – I’ve made the Final Four in Free Money Finance’s March Madness. I’m being killed right now by the (quite worthy) article from I’ve Paid For That Twice Already on snowflaking! I’ve been cruising through the tournament up until this point, but it looks like I’ve got an uphill struggle to win this one. Gimme a hand if you have a sec – just go there and comment “Game 1: Late, Game 2: Lessons” (the second one is my fellow Money Writer, SVB of the Digerati Life).

I want to win the whole thing. The proceeds, should I win, go to a charity, The Russian Children’s Welfare Society (link to my article about it), that I’ve already won some money for this year, and I’d desperately like to do it again. I need some votes so if you have a second and can help me out, I’d be grateful! Head on over and help me help Russian orphans. It’s a nice way to spend your Sunday!

Creative Commons License photo credit: *sean