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Suzdal, churches leaving suzdal


I was looking through some old photos and found some I took on a weekend trip to the Russian countryside with some of my friends back in the mid-9os.  We drove out to a village in the Golden Circle outside of Moscow – the ancient town of Suzdal – rented some rooms in an Orthodox monastery and hit the village’s “night life.”  I had a delightful dinner of hot dogs with sour cream and french fries with sour cream (and probably rum, since I never touched vodka while I was in Russia – it was always watered down/contaminated with PGA or some other vile mix), and then the Boney M started pumping.  Yes, Boney M.  Check Google if you don’t remember “Rasputin” or “Brown Girl in the Ring.”  I managed to freak out a few locals by speaking Russian (“Americans don’t speak Russian – where are you REALLY from?”) and then gritting my teeth for the usual mid-90s Russian bar playlist (“Hotel California” played prominently… more than once).


Suzdal, looking out at night


The “club” was overwhelmed with American tourists, so most of the evening was spent complaining about the clubs being overwhelmed with American tourists, a complaint well known to most residents of big cities outside of America.  We got back to the monastery after curfew, and the ancient massive gate was closed with a giant wooden bolt.  Thanks to me jimmying the ancient monastery defenses, we snuck back in.  It was so cold that the snow had frozen over.  The next morning, it snowed heavily, we ate some gruel and returned to the big city in our rented 2-cylinder car.  Living in Florida today makes this snowy, alien memory seem almost fake to me…  but it did happen.  Strange.


Suzdal, our cabins

A few links, with a bonus section following…


I had good reasons for not attending FinCon11 – a pending sale of my client’s company meant I might be busy, so taking time off might not have been a good idea – but in retrospect I should have attended.  So many of the bloggers I know and respect from years of “virtually” working with them had such a great time that I’m regretting not attending.  I would have been thrilled to meet some bloggers I’ve know for years virtually  – Pinyo, Mike, Ryan, Glen – and also many of  the MoneyWriters.  Oh well, I’ll go next year (by which time I intend to be a full-time writer and online entrepreneur, according to my goals – ambitious, but hey, it’s what I want to do).

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  1. It would have been great to meet you at the conference, but you are right – there is always next year. I’m looking forward to it.

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