Super Tuesday

After an absolutely Super Sunday – far exceeding my expectations, thanks, Eli – we have Super Tuesday. It’s a bit off topic for this blog, but I did meander on with a political blog for three years before relaunching six months ago, so forgive me. Throughout my adult life I’ve formed opinions on political candidates quickly and decisively, based on their promised policies (and yes I know they always go poof and disappear once elected) and their – for lack of a better word – charisma.

Today, for the first time in my adult life, I’m actually torn about my choice in a primary – and my choice will be made in a state where the result will matter. Now, my decision isn’t indicative of future success. I have voted for a presidential winner exactly one time in my life so far. Other than that, all losses (and incidentally, I voted for third party candidates twice so I knew they were losers in advance). This time I think it’s too important to vote for a third party candidate, although Bloomberg would be interesting.

So here’s what I’m asking – feel free to express yourself in comments to influence my vote in the critical New Jersey primary. And if you are in a Super Tuesday voting state, go vote. Whether you are a Republican or Democrat or Tory or Whig or Green voter, vote. The stakes are too high to avoid it.

A lot of personal finance bloggers won’t talk politics, but politics affects personal finance more than almost any other factor. Taxes and monetary policy and the strength of the dollar and the dependence on foreign oil – all of them impact your wallet, now. If you want to be rich, you have a choice to make. It may be the wrong choice, but it’s important for you to express yourself.

So wish me luck in making up my mind on Tuesday. I won’t say if I’m voting for Barack Obama or John McCain or Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton or Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul, but I can promise you I will be voting. Let’s go.

photo by joebeone