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I’m back into heavy-duty contract consulting again, after a few months of doing piecemeal work.  It’s tough, but as with any work it’s rewarding to know that you have a client who needs help doing X, and … hey, I can do X!  Here you go!  Plus I’m having an interesting experience working for by far the smallest client I’ve ever had.  I typically work for very large corporations – to give you an idea of scale, I spent a year working in Morgan Stanley’s corporate headquarters as a consultant.  So taking a brief turn here with a small company about .01% of Morgan Stanley’s size is quite interesting for me.  It’s early to make snap judgments but so far the comparison is positive.

Oh, and go Jets. 

Blogger’s Favorite Personal Finance Books: I recommended Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which should be no particular surprise to anyone who reads this blog. A few other decent selections here, too.

9 Ways to Prepare for Food Inflation: I’m not worried, but it will occur (and already has, if you like organic foods).

The Frugal Wedding: How to Save Money When Getting Married: The best way to save money getting married is to marry someone who understands what a wedding costs versus what it’s worth.

How HP/Palm’s webOS Can Compete with Apple iOS and Google Android: Well, OK. I still like the market leader, Blackberry.

Opening a Bank Account for a Toddler: Something we’ve considered but so far rejected – our poor kids keep all their hard-earned money (or gifts from grandparents) in piggy banks and "money envelopes." But it might be time to revisit that.

Vacation Without Kids: I have fantasies.

10 Wacky Safes – Home Security Safes for Your Money: Once, in Moscow, I had a fake Coke can – you unscrewed it while pressing a button on the bottom and it opened. I kept all my American dollars tucked in there. I had a big party one night and a bunch of people crashed there – friends, friends of friends; the next morning I woke up and saw someone had hacked, torn and pulled at the ‘fake coke’ with a knife trying to get it to open. Money was still there, but the fake Coke idea was, well, over.

7 Simple Tax Organization Tips To Use All Year Round and 2011 Tax Changes: I’m all fired up about doing taxes. Give me a hooah!

Eating Healthy is Becoming More Expensive Every Day: Been so for a long time. I feel it’s worth it with dairy, meat and some fruits and veggies. Not so worth it with things like juice, bread, etc. Just my medically uninformed idea, though.

25 Toughest Interview Questions of 2010: They are all tough, simply because the job market is so competitive.

What I Learned During the Year of Penury: Words to live by (reorganized slightly):

  • Your greatest asset is good health, should you be so lucky to have it and keep it.
  • You can live frugally and still be reasonably comfortable, most of the time. • No matter what anyone says about the alleged tax advantages of carrying a mortgage, when you’re unemployed a paid-off roof over your head is your second-greatest asset.
  • If you’re not in debt, you can live on a lot less than you think you need.
  • If you are in debt, you’d better have a good stash of emergency savings to cover payments.

The Lifestyle You Want: I am a long way from walking away from TV entirely, but I have come to recognize that advertising is a clear and present (and continuing) danger. It corrupts almost everything about your life, whether you think it does or not.

Caring for Aging Parents: Something us Gen Xers are going to be facing. Later rather that sooner, hopefully, but we will.

Betelgeuse to be second sun for Earth as supernova turns night into day: And finally, in the ‘holy crap’ category, we have the prospect of months without night. A supernova might cause endless sunlight for months! It’s a funny story, because the kicker is the tiny addendum I’ve seen at a few different sites stating that Betelgeuse might explode anywhere between this year and a million years hence… making the probability of a current-year explosion, eh, slightly remote.

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  1. I’ve been doing my consulting gig for a very small shop now for 5 months and I love it. I worked for one of he huge accounting firms, and then for a much smaller firm of less than 20 people. But now working with only 3 others I’m having the time of my life.

    How many people are at your new gig?

  2. Well, it’s still a fairly sizable company – at $150M per year in revenue, it’s not a small business. But I’m in the position of having spent most of my career working for mom-and-pops like Morgan Stanley, AIG, MetLife and Thomson-Reuters, so it feels refreshingly small.

    I’d love to go even smaller, but internal audit is – by its nature – something only large companies need/can-afford. I’m working for this client doing financial modeling, but in my main speciality – audit – they’d have no use for me whatsoever.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the generous link love!!

    And congratulations on landing another substantial contract. It’s interesting to get some experience with a wide variety of corporate sizes and types.

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