site changes, all for the good, I hope!

A brief note to everyone: if you are a site visitor (and not a feed reader) you’ll notice that the comment system has been pumped up substantially.  I’ve signed up with a service ( that allows threaded replies (you can reply to specific posts), voting replies “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to set the most popular replies, and the addition of gravatars (images of yourself that will appear every time you comment).  Hopefully everyone will find these changes to the comments fun – and useful.  Please play around with the options if you get a chance – some fun manipulation of the comments can be achieved.

You’ll notice a few other “neat” things being added over the next week, so please let me know if anything doesn’t work – or let me know if there’s any new feature you enjoy.  My goal, as always, is to make brip blap as interesting a place to visit as possible!  Feel free to give me suggestions, too – if there’s anything missing that you’d like to see, let me know.

Opened door to intimacy
photo credit: fab to pix