linklings, three things for Friday edition

Bonsai Moon

I have had some real trouble staying organized lately.
I’d attribute some of that to the move, but I’d also continue to attribute some of it to lacking structure to my days.  When you don’t have a 9-to-5 schedule it’s easy to think that you’ll get around to something “a bit later” – when in fact the day becomes filled up with a million mundane 30-second tasks.  Take out the garbage, for example.

I’m going to try a new “to-do” list methodology, based in part on Zen To Done‘s “Most Important Things” concept:  I’m going to pick out 3 things from my “to do” list each evening. Two will be things I need to get done in the short term, and 1 will be something related to long term goals.  So for Friday I have “order more boxes from; clear email inbox; and get information for a Florida teaching certificate.”  I won’t even think about doing anything else on my to-do list unless all 3 of these are done.  Wish me luck.  If I get organized enough I’ll put this all into GTDAgenda, which is a cool service I need to write about at some point soon.

I had a conference call with ING and a few other bloggers yesterday, and hopefully I’ll have a bit more information about that in the near future, as well as an interesting book I read and some other products (like GTDAgenda and a few others).

Links from the Money Writers and others:

One of the best articles I’ve read in a while:  Ramit Sethi (of has a guest post on Free Money Finance titled “Trying to Earn More Money? Stop Wasting Your Time“.  I need to print this and nail it somewhere I’ll see it all the time – like on my PC monitor.

A Wall Street Journal Subscription is Cheaper Than You Think – Get a Discount on the WSJ: Me, personally, I don’t subscribe to anything that I have to pay for anymore. I like the WSJ’s business news, but I dislike their politics.

Index Mutual Funds Are Still Not Popular, But: I’m surprised at this stat, but I shouldn’t be, I guess.

My Million Dollar Journey – Some Lessons Learned: Good points; if you set an ambitious goal and don’t meet it (or think you will) it’s important to learn from that experience.

Save Money on Moving: A few good tips, and so far I can attest that hiring a mover is a difficult (and nerve-wracking) experience.

And a few more links:

And yikes on this article: I hate David Dellifield. The one from Ada, Ohio. But I do have to say I agree with a lot of what she’s saying, although not the tone she’s saying it in.

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