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I doubt they have been sorely missed, since link roundups are not always the most exciting parts of a blog’s weekly schedule, but I am finally back into the swing of roundups. Roundups are a little tougher than regular posts, simply because they do have to be created “real time” – you can’t create them weeks in advance. But I do appreciate being included in other blog’s roundups and I therefore feel I owe it to do the same.

I made a bad mistake in yesterday’s post -I should have thought that one out a bit more before posting it.  That’s what you get for writing too quickly, before researching.

Our recent move has been a slight disappointment in one sense – I haven’t found that grocery store prices are much lower than they were in New Jersey. Prices are a little lower here and there, but not enough to reduce our bills any significant amount.  I thought they might have been a bit lower.  That’s really the only negative, so far.  Otherwise, the change in our daily lifestyle – nice weather, pleasant surroundings, good public services (parks and libraries) couldn’t make for a more dramatic change.

Time sensitive contest: » Win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card for Father’s Day!

We’re Moving: Another one of The Money Writers gets ready to flee New Jersey…

How To Do a Mid-Year Financial Checkup – Things to Think About This Summer and Seven Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Family Trip:  I don’t know about everyone else, but I can’t concentrate much on personal finance once summer comes.  I am easily distracted by biking, wandering around outdoors and lazy evenings.  I guess I’ll have to get over that now that I’m in Florida, won’t I?

Alternative Income Streams – June 2009:  As always, interesting to take a peek at other people’s finances…

The Prepaid Funeral: Advantages & Disadvantages:  And yikes, back down to earth.  I have wondered about whether planning your own funeral is something we should do just as seriously as making a will or buying insurance.

Extreme Saving When You Are Young: How Much Is Too Much?:   You have to live your life.  Save 15%, 20% of your income but after that, please, spend.   Just don’t spend it on “stuff” – spend it on a nice house, a life-altering trip overseas, your education, your kids.  Don’t buy an iPhone or a Wii.

The One Thing that Makes a Winning Resume:  I need to update mine.  My resume is not nearly “punchy” enough.  I have a lot of accomplishments in it that are weakly described as “led implementation of…” etc.

Can Stock Trading Software Make You Money? versus Stock Market Technical Analysis – Loads Of Bull Crap And Bear Crap.  If you want to judge for yourself, try 4 FREE Videos for INO TV by clicking here. That’s an affiliate link, by the way. INO’s an interesting site, particularly if you’re a blogger or interested in stock trading.

Readers Share Lending Club Returns:  I have been a proponent of P2P lending for a while and Prosper (where I was a writer for their blog) and Lending Club in particular.  I’m not sure where P2P lending is going, but I think they are a definite investing niche for investors who want to diversify.

And finally, another great article from one of my favorite blogs: How to spend very little money.  I can’t say I always think the same way – I do spend money on things.  I bought a bike trailer for my kids, for example.

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