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I continue to dabble a tiny, tiny bit in green juice.  The biggest impediment I have to more enthusiastic adoption is cost (it’s quite pricey to buy a huge pile of veggies to make into one 16 ounce glass) and effort (cleanup is annoying).  But there’s no excuse, really.  I’ve written many, many times about the link between health and success and wealth, and I’ve been horribly deficient in the health category recently.  Green juicing definitely needs to be on my “please nag me into doing it” list.

green juice before and after

35 Things I Hope My Kids Will Say About Their Dad:  Great article for any parent (not just dads); it gave me some food for thought.  I’ll probably have to clip this article and keep it as a recurring reminder to read from time to time.  I’m sure green juice would apply… I try to make a big deal of it to my kids when I drink it.

A Prius as a Metaphor for Retirement:  Having recently bought a Prius, I thought this was entertaining, although I’m still a ways from retiring.  Buying a Prius was part of my plan for 2012 to live my life more closely in accordance with my values, and part of that is to minimize the negative impact I have on our environment by driving a car that minimizes my use of fossil fuels.  I know that living within biking or walking distance would be the best action, but at least for the immediate near future that’s not in the cards, so a Prius is a lesser evil.

And a few more good reads:

On a side note, I’d just like to note that Lazy Man and Money has been hammered recently by denial-of-service attacks from hackers supporting a dubious “miracle juice.”  His site’s been up and down for the better part of a week, and it’s pathetic that free speech can be denied by companies hiring hackers from around the world to overburden servers.  It would be nice to see these companies settle their differences in court or by proving they aren’t frauds, rather than hiring Indian/Russian/Chinese/whatever hacking factories to bring down his site.

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  1. I recently read that eating vegan (or nearly vegan) is even more effective than the type of car/commute a person has. Perhaps your green drink can be just the start!

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