computing power and links

I recently purchased a new laptop – my old one was starting to overheat, the hard drive was full, and it was almost 4 years old.  I use it a lot of for online money-making ventures, so it seems reasonable to replace my laptop before the old one kicks the bucket.  And the power in machines today has become quite impressive, even in lower-end laptops.  It has been about 8 years now since I moved from desktops to laptops; there was a point at which the computing power of laptops “caught up” and the reasons for a non-portable device disappeared. I’ve been amazed by how well (knock on wood) my strategy of buying a low-end, but new, laptop every few years has worked.  I’m also assuming that some event horizon will be crossed at some point where I will start having no need for a new computer except for hardware failures.  Between various cloud storage services, external hard drives and my home “cloud drive” I probably have 2 TB of memory available… and most of my “computing” is online work for which disk storage isn’t necessary.  This whole blog, for example.

But then again, I still remember thinking “this PC has 4 MB of memory.  4 MB!  How could I ever use FOUR?!” back 15 years ago (give or take a few years).  So who knows?  I couldn’t see moving my “computer experience” to a phone, even though I’m able to do a LOT of my content consumption on my Samsung now, but maybe in another few years laptops will seem as much of  a needless “extra” as a desktop does to me know.

Photo Attribution Some rights reserved by racatumba