Carnival of Careers #5

Welcome to the Carnival of Careers #5, back at brip blap for the week!  There were a lot of great submissions below, and I highlighted a few as my picks.     Enjoy!

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Editor’s Picks:

Kristie presents Bored with your job? Work overseas for the summer! posted at Norway – An American In Oslo.  It’s a cool idea from someone living in a cool place…

mbhunter presents The most important thing you can do for your job posted at mbhunter.   A good reminder for anyone who grumbles about their job regularly.

Mark Butler presents Why Everyone Should Experience a Sales Job posted at The Butler Project.  I have done a tiny bit of selling but it’s always been business-to-business selling rather than trying to sell to individuals; Mark has a good idea why everyone should at least attempt sales.

work-life balance
Will presents Sample of How To Write A Condensed Work Week Proposal posted at Your Finish Rich Plan.  This is a great starting point for trying to convince your boss to give you a condensed work week – flex time, telecommuting, job sharing, etc.

MoneyNing presents A Dollar Saved is Two Dollars Earned but Two Dollars Earned is Twenty Dollars Saved posted at Money Ning. A new look at savings and income!

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Silicon Valley Blogger presents Traditional Jobs For Men And Women And The Gender Divide » Money and Personal Finance Blog In Silicon Valley posted at The Digerati Life.  It’s surprising to think that there are careers in which 99% of the workers are one gender, but there are quite a few.

Andrew Heath presents People Forgive Mistakes, Not Personalities posted at Rants of a Gay Lunatic.  Spending time focusing on others’ mistakes makes you look petty, and nobody likes petty.

Phil for Humanity presents Everyone has a Boss posted at Phil for Humanity. Most of us even have more than a single boss. This is a fact of life that no one can escape.

The Baglady presents The Importance and Benefits Non-Profit and Public Service Jobs posted at The Baglady.  This was an interesting article for me, personally, since my brother just made the leap from a corporate behemoth to a governmental job, exchanging a big salary for benefits out the wazoo.   That’s not ALL the article is about, because it focuses on the positive rewards non-profit and public service jobs can give to the individual.

career advice
Carrie presents The lucky 7: Lessons in entrepreneurship, courtesy of my father posted at Our Common Cents.  Entrepreneurial mindsets do teach people not to rely on the supposedly-safe paycheck, and I think that does help in their financial lives, as well.

Raymond presents My List Of The Top 5 Most Overrated Careers and Jobs posted at Money Blue Book.  I can’t say I disagree with the list, but it’s missing corporate consultants!

Dereck presents How to become what you want to become, in about two days posted at I Will Not Die.  The biggest obstacle to achieving your goal is usually (unfortunately) you.

Rich Leverage presents How to Work Less and Make More Money With Multiple Streams of Income posted at Rich Credit Debt Loan. About diversification of income. Diversity reduces risk. Eventually the goal is passive income covering living expenses, then working for anything other than fun is no longer necessary.

Akemi presents Successful Entrepreneurs Are Great Problem-Solvers: Laura Bennett posted at Yes to Me.   I’d say that the skills successful entrepreneurs have would also make them successful employees, too!

Ted presents The Ultimate Graduation Resource List posted at CampusGrotto.  A good list of career resources for new grads.

Ian Lurie presents HVAC Training: Starting a new career posted at HVAC Training.  If you want to learn about an HVAC career, this is your chance to start.  Right now.

job stories
Michael presents Law Student Leaves Gang Life For School Life posted at International Law News.  Just once, though, I’d like to see a “lawyer leaves corporate office to lead a life of crime.”  Oh wait, they don’t have to leave the corporate office for that, do they…

TheLifeLessTraveled presents How to Start Your Dream Company, Founders of Fred Flare Share Their Story posted at The Life Less Traveled.   That’s a good point; don’t just think about starting a company, think about starting your DREAM company.

The Financial Blogger presents When It Doesn’t Make Sense; Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Out posted at The Financial Blogger.  This is a story about a classroom situation that would apply equally in a work situation.

That’s it for this edition of the carnival! Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope you found a few interesting articles here. Remember to submit an article for the next edition which will be July 14 at Money Smart Life. I’m skipping next Monday simply since it’s going to be a busy weekend (both for me and everyone else) .  If you’re interested in hosting, there are spots available in August!

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