Brip Blap

As an aside, the name of the blog comes from my parents. As a child and on into my adult years I have had fairly drastic mood swings. I am generally a very upbeat calm person – I would say most of the time I operate at a 6 on a happiness scale where 1 is miserable and 10 is ebullient. However, once every few months (more in the winter, less in the summer) I will either zoom up to 10 or down to 1. My depressions are fairly rare, but when they come they are, for me, pretty bleak and not really easily shaken. Likewise my up periods – I’ll be maniacally energetic for a few days. I don’t think I have any sort of real psychological condition. I assume that it’s just my nature. Maybe that’s a dangerous assumption, but at least after nearly 40 years in the world it never seems to have led me to do anything more than mope, other than one fairly severe downtime when Bubelah and I were dating that very nearly ended our relationship. Note the word nearly, though, since obviously being married and having a child means that we worked through it.

Back when I was a baby, my parents said I was a brip (imagine waving hands dramatically upward, fingers a-flutter) blap (now imagine them swooping downwards) baby. I was bubbly one day and quiet or grumpy the next. So I think, for better or for worse, that describes me at my core – a generally pacific state with regular but brief swings between extremes. So that’s brip blap. You’ll have to see if that’s apparent in the blog or not. My guess is that it will be. My goal is to write frequently enough that it will be obvious, though, so we’ll see!