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I’ve been swamped with kids’ parties and kids’ events and worrying about the Facebook IPO.  Things happen, right?  If I took one thing away from Friday’s IPO of the horrible-rate-of-return social media site, it is that people don’t understand return on investment and that speculation (also known as “gambling”) is really the heart of our stock market, if not our whole economy at this point.  Speculation is a horrible basis for an economy – I prefer investment in companies that produce things, even old-fashioned things like “income”.  Sigh.  Back to the late 90s.

I Love Eduardo Saverin’s Move to Become an Ex-Pat:  I agree.  I’m a bleeding-heart, tax-the-rich liberal but I still agree: if you are willing to renounce your citizenship and you are legally entitled to do so, kudos.  If the Congress gets into the business of punishing individuals for legally avoiding taxes, we’re all doomed.

» Heard Anything Interesting about Facebook Lately?:  Wildly unsuccessful IPO? I’m thinking Facebook is the next MySpace.  My bets are on Plurk.  Then again, I invested heavily in AOL.

The Financial Dangers of Being a Mail-Order Bride:  Interesting read, on a subject that most people probably haven’t considered.

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