the war on Christmas, such as it is, and links

kris kringle criminalConsumermas (yes, I’m that clever) is upon us – the pressure to buy is there, big time. Even if you aren’t a “War on Christmas” partisan (I could care less if people say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “December Rocks, Dude”), the overwhelming materialism of the season is getting to be a bit much.  I’m always slightly relieved when I have December 25th in the rearview.  Part of it is being adult, no doubt – I’m sure it’s still a magical time for my kids (who get the double fun of Hanukah AND Christmas).  But people really do need to tamp down some of the consumerist fever; the commercials are getting crazy.  I don’t need to be reminded about how I need to buy my loved ones a new phone to show my love.

The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents: This strikes me as a “line in the sand” decision. Opposed to the occult nature of Halloween? Well, you’d better not let the kids dress up and trick-or-treat. Opposed to the commercialism of Christmas? Pretty much need to opt out altogether. It’s a tough sell – particularly if your kids watch TV, have friends who celebrate Christmas and so on. I don’t think we overwhelm our kids with materialism, but they certainly get presents on birthdays and Christmas (and, in our odd family circumstance, Hanukah). I honestly don’t know what the answer is – reject gift-giving or just try to moderate it.

Why You Should Not Get Married (Financial Speaking): Some good points, although – at the end of the day – getting married is not really a financial decision, any more than having kids is.

How Do You Like Your Coffee?: Black as the depths of night. Since my 20s I’ve taken coffee only one way – uncut, without dairy.

Celebrating 4 Years of Million Dollar Journey: Congrats! A few good prizes to be had, too.

Bought a New Television Today… Finally: We had a 19-inch LCD for about 3 years before breaking down and buying a 40″ LCD. Honestly, I don’t understand TVs. I watch maybe 2 hours per day (for myself) and I usually enjoy it – and then feel ashamed of enjoying it. I imagine TV is just another one of those things that I could give up if I had a little bit more of a spine.

Synonyms For Love: Appreciation is a great synonym for love. You can’t love something if you don’t appreciate its existence and presence in your life.

The open road: Outstanding insight. As usual with Seth’s stuff, it make take a minute for it to sink in, but his point really, really resonated with me.

How to get a workplace spouse: I’ll just say…hmm, don’t agree, but a lot of interesting responses…

Making the Most of What We Have: Memories are made by people, not by weather. 🙂

Why You Should Ignore Politics and Politicians: I allow myself to succumb to this type of thinking from time to time, and then I remind myself that President Gore probably – PROBABLY – wouldn’t have invaded Iraq. Whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to you, but in 2000, who won probably did make a difference.

What Other People Think IS Your Business: It does matter what other people think of you. I’d like to tell my kids “it doesn’t matter what other people think about you” – but in truth, it does.

The Quick and Easy Guide to Coming Out as a Minimalist: Interesting thoughts. I feel I’d meet some resistance if I decided to head down this path, so this was an interesting post to read.

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  1. Let’s make Christmas like the Olympics … every four years. Then again, the Olympics are pretty commercialized as well.

  2. Christmas is for kids. I don’t buy presents for anyone else unless we’ve been really close the past year and I have money to burn. I haven’t had TV (except my DVD collection) in over 10 years, so the commercialism passes me by. When I had TV, Christmas caused a lot of anxiety, but now it’s just another holiday. No commercials equals no commercialism.

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