the free versus the paid web, and links

I usually feel that I need to apologize when I post a roundup without an extensive analysis of each one of the posts I put up, but this is one such week.  A hectic schedule surrounds my son’s birthday and, coincidentally, the birthday of a classmate, making this a hectic week.  Add some chores and errands and an actual day job and whew, time flies.

I will make one passing comment/question:  who besides me thinks that the New York Times’ plan to charge $15 a month for online access is doomed to semi-failure?  By semi-failure, I mean that I think they’ll make enough to survive a bit longer but they’ll certainly remove themselves from the wider set of online eyeballs.  I hate the idea.  If I have to start paying $15 per month per website the number of websites I visit is going to drop to 1 or 2 if not none. 

The free vs. paid debate will rage on for a while, I suspect, but as long as I have 10,000 potential news sources using advertising to keep themselves free, it’s hard to see how I’ll be persuaded to use that one that does charge.  Will they be reporting on the news that much better?  Hm.

On to the big list of links: