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I’m not entirely sold on the “social media” thing, but I’m trying it all out. I give almost every new service that drifts across my radar a shot. I love StumbleUpon and; I’m less sold on the value of some of the other services. That having been said, I recognize Twitter’s reach and FriendFeed’s potential.

If you have any interest, here are my social media links:

YouTube (nothing there yet – I plan to start putting vids up, though)

I’d also recommend pfbuzz and tip’d where I’m also operating under – surprise – bripblap.

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5 Replies to “the big social media post”

  1. delicious is the only one I'd be really gutted to lose. It's fantastic in many ways. Twitter is kind of fun, and I love flickr too, of course, for staying in touch with family. Other than that, I have abandoned and semi-used accounts littering a lot of the others.

  2. I'm kind of new to the world of microblogging myself. You may want to check out, if you're interested in using something that will allow you to broadcast your messages to many networks at once.

  3. Gosh, there's a lot there – don't think I could remember the passwords for that many social media outlets, let alone manage them all!

    I've added you to my follow list on Twitter though. 🙂

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