Sunday poll

So here’s a question for any fellow bloggers who read this page – do you post on weekends and specifically Sunday? I notice that visits drop off significantly on the weekends. I tend to do my link roundup on Saturdays but I am questioning whether or not posting on Sunday serves any purpose other than to bury my links post a little further down. I like the links post, actually, both on my sites and other people’s sites. Significant traffic has been driven to my site by incoming links from Lazy Man and Money, Money and Such, Four Pillars, Saving For A Home of My Own and The Digerati Life, among others. Other outgoing links I’ve written have resulted in some nice email exchanges with other bloggers which have been tremendously helpful in my development as a Blogger (capital B). Probably like most beginning bloggers I have been a little bit amazed that some of the “mega-bloggers” out there read my stuff – but also I’ve been greatly encouraged.

So what do you think? Post or no post on the weekends/Sunday?
Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!