Sunday poll

So here’s a question for any fellow bloggers who read this page – do you post on weekends and specifically Sunday? I notice that visits drop off significantly on the weekends. I tend to do my link roundup on Saturdays but I am questioning whether or not posting on Sunday serves any purpose other than to bury my links post a little further down. I like the links post, actually, both on my sites and other people’s sites. Significant traffic has been driven to my site by incoming links from Lazy Man and Money, Money and Such, Four Pillars, Saving For A Home of My Own and The Digerati Life, among others. Other outgoing links I’ve written have resulted in some nice email exchanges with other bloggers which have been tremendously helpful in my development as a Blogger (capital B). Probably like most beginning bloggers I have been a little bit amazed that some of the “mega-bloggers” out there read my stuff – but also I’ve been greatly encouraged.

So what do you think? Post or no post on the weekends/Sunday?
Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the link BB.

    I don’t post on weekends mainly because most other blogs that I follow don’t. I also find my weekend traffic drops significantly which indicates that there are a lot of people who do most of their surfing at work maybe?


  2. Hi there! Thanks for the mention! Glad to be able to send you traffic! I typically have 2 roundups — my mid-week carnival roundup and my weekend roundup where I cover as many people as I can, particularly those who’ve linked to me in the week (to say thank you!). I notice most of those who link back are doing it in the weekend to. I think it’s a good idea as a break from the normal posting during the week and i also believe it does drive traffic since whoever you link to will check back to see what you wrote about them! 🙂

  3. I tend to not write anything on the weekends other than my link round-up. It’s probably more about my routine setting expectations for readers than anything else. If I can’t do it somewhat consistently, I try to abstain from doing it at all. I didn’t think I’d get a post in on Sunday more than 30% of the time (and never during football season), so I skip it.

  4. I have to admit that I don’t post on the weekends…not because people don’t read it…but because I don’t have internet access at home…the life of a broke 20-something….

  5. Thanks for all of the replies! Your comments all seem to confirm what I suspect, that people for the most part aren’t reading.

    @SD: Yeah, that would suck. I couldn’t imagine not having internet access at home at this point, although I’m sure someday our high-speed will be down…

  6. It’s hard to post on the weekends just because of scheduling and time. I’m usually doing something and by the time I get home my brain is fully fried so anything I write would sound like jargon or a big mess.

    Keep up the great work!

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