seafood, new experiences and a link roundup

We had a local seafood festival this weekend. One of the highlights was a bluegrass group.  My daughter and I went, and we were delighted by the bluegrass group, despite the fact that I could care less about bluegrass and she – being two – had probably never heard bluegrass before.  We danced to family-friendly songs like “Got No Drinkin’ Money” or whatever and had a good time.  It’s a reminder that you have to expose yourself to new experiences no matter what.  I hate to do it sometimes.  It’s hard to try new things.  But I’m reminded on days like today, when my daughter ate fish, danced to bluegrass, and had fun doing something different, that doing something different is – at the end of all things – all we have to look forward to.

Bank of America Stock Dividend to Increase:  Nice!

Do You Have A Proper Will? Lessons From Stieg Larsson’s Estate Battle:  Stieg’s estate battle is horrific – stay away from this situation.

5 Free iTunes from American Express:  Get those Apple Tunes!

10 Ways to Waste Money on Gas:  I hate $4 gas, but it looks like it’s coming – do what you can.

Painting a Room – DIY or Hire a Professional? | :  Do it yourself.  Having done both I’d recommend doing it yourself.  Much more work but you’ll save a LOT of money.

This is Why You Can’t Make Money in the Stock Market:   The system’s against you, that’s why…

Why We Crave More Stuff:   Humans have a weakness.  I have it, we all do.  The challenge is to overcome it.

Life is Not Measured by How Much You Own:  In America, it is.

» How To Make More Money :  Do the unexpected.  Start a blog, start a business.  Unless you’re an incredibly focused and angry person, you’re never going to ascend to the top of the corporate ladder; you’ll have to develop side incomes.

Freedom is just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose:  Freedom means being ABLE to lose.

Is America Destined for Major Tax Hikes?:  Nope.  Neither political party has the backbone to admit a major tax hike would solve most of our (short-term) problems.

Why I Moderate:  Me too.  I don’t need non-constructive comments.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I love this:

    “that doing something different is – at the end of all things – all we have to look forward to.”

    Glad you had a fun time while I was dragging my kids to yet another running race in Jax 🙂

    1. We probably passed each other on the road at some point! And if I ever work myself back into regular running I’ll be dragging my kids to those same events…

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