Russian Victory Day

Since I didn’t have a post planned for today (surprise!) at Bubelah’s request I’ll post this photo in honor of Victory Day. It’s the celebration of the end of World War II, which Russians call the Great Patriotic War. It’s sortof Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day rolled into one day. So thanks to all veterans of that war who fought for the Allies – Russian, American and hundreds of other nations.

One Reply to “Russian Victory Day”

  1. Thank you. Lots of comments on many websites focused today on communism (which never existed), Stalin and September Japanese surrender. The simple matter is, the May 9th celebration is important – to former Soviet countries (Russia being just a generalization due to language spoken, there were 154 nationalities in Soviet Republics who fought the war), as well as for Allies (US and GB). I think it’s time to let go of fear “who’s best” like we are little children and unite in something bigger – like peace, roof over head, food on the table, families healthy and alive.

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