Osama bin Laden is dead, and links

I consider myself a pacifist and I’ve definitely been anti-war and continue to be so. I’ve voted Greens Party several times, and I’m consistently pro-life in the sense that I don’t believe we should lightly kill anyone, innocent or not.  That having been said, I was and still consider myself to be a New Yorker.  I walked past the smoldering ruins of the twin towers every day for weeks on my way to work.  I had friends who had to dodge falling bodies to escape.  I watched the towers fall in person, and in my lower Manhattan apartment watched them burn for days.  And listen – I was lucky.  I didn’t lose anybody close to me, my brother who lived in New York at the time met up with me on a street corner while F-16s roared overhead, and we were OK.  I was not deeply impacted.  But I was surrounded by human tragedy, from my friend who cleaned up body parts at ground zero and drank himself into a stupor because he couldn’t deal with that to the crying people who’d lost loved ones who were standing near Ground Zero handing out flyers.   I worked maniacally at a loading dock for a couple of days with the Salvation Army putting together loads for the responders at Ground Zero – mostly loading cases of beer, cigarettes, gloves and socks.  People around me spontaneously wept.  And you know what?  It happens everywhere in the world – Darfur, Bosnia, and on and on.

But in the end this is it:  I was (and am) a New Yorker, and despite my peaceful leanings I am glad, glad, glad Osama bin Laden is dead of unnatural causes. I’m glad he wasn’t allowed to peacefully die in a cave.  I’m glad he died in violence like so many of his victims.  I’m happy that an American man put an American bullet in his head. I’m sorry – it’s not in accordance with a positive mindset that I preach so often – but I’m glad to know he’s gone.  Nothing is restored – we still have a decade of permanent war and the horrors of 9/11 which won’t go away just because he’s dead – but he’s dead, and that’s not a bad thing.  We’re all still animals at our core, but – to paraphrase Orwell although not in the spirit in which he intended – some of us are more animalistic than others.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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