linklings, other plans edition

Honeymoon: New York

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.  – John Lennon

If you can’t tell from what I’m writing, things are in a constant state of flux for me right now. I’m increasingly convinced that I’m going to have a very tough time finding employment in my current field, auditing, and I’m likewise convinced that I’m going to have a better (but much scarier) time of it parceling together a mixture of contract consulting, hourly consulting and completely-non-related-to-auditing work.  “Real” jobs just don’t seem to be coming my way so far.  In the meantime, I’m always a-twitterin‘ and worrying about a few other social sites.  Not really productive, but as I mentioned this week, it seems to help more than sending off credentials to for the 76th time.

I’m planning to work on teaching again (if you’re late to the blog, I was a substitute teacher for years and a graduate assistant for a few years, so I do know teaching) but that won’t happen for at least 2 years from – almost exactly – today. That’s my own self-imposed timeline, but until I get back into teaching I am thinking of doing something completely different:  financial planning, being a professional clown (seriously, I’m good with kids and I’m learning to make balloon animals and juggle) or something even weirder.  Why not?  I’m not convinced that my profession has much going for it – read re: The Auditors for a bit and you’ll see what I mean.  I can’t really imagine working as an auditor (at least a full-time employee) at this point – it seems like it wouldn’t (a) make much money compared to the number of hours per week it would require and (b) let me live a sane life, which is more important than point (a).

On to the links…

Poll: Have You or Do Use Peer-to-Peer Lending Like Lending Club? and Lending Club Introduces Self-Directed IRA in Peer-to-Peer Lending:  A couple of articles about one of my favorite P2P lending sites, Lending Club.

Leaving Full-Time Blogging and Changes That Come With It: One of my fellow probloggers gave it a rest and headed back to employee world.  Can’t say I blame him, but I also can’t say I’d be thrilled going back to the 9-to-5 myself.

Tax Deductions for the Self Employed: A few tips for the self-employed… I still consider myself unemployed but I could put a positive spin on it and call myself self-employed, I guess.

All CEO’s are Crooks: What do you think? I don’t think CEOs are crooks – but the boards that determine CEO compensation are.

Hire Me! Will Work For Minimum Wage: From Wall Street To Pizza Delivery: Some clever tips on finding work in a workless economy.

The Purpose of Money: FT opines on the purpose of money. Here’s my take:  money is an instrument to achieving comfort. How’s that for a brief definition?

Self Employed Health Insurance Options:  I’ll tell you one thing:  COBRA may be an option, but it requires huge excess funds.  Mine is staggeringly expensive, and we’ll be switching to new insurance as soon as we move.

From Russia with Drive:  A grim story of a Russian immigrant who achieved the American dream – an up-and-coming career at a premier Wall Street firm, Bear Stearns.  And then: oops.  It’s a heartbreaking story, because I see so much of what’s good about America being pumped through the system that is strangling America.  People are dying to come here, and then when they break their backs to succeed – a crippled, corrupt system drags them down.  It’s like The Firm, only real and without the kindly Hal Holbrook character.

The Big Takeover:  This guy was writing for the local English-language rag when I lived in Moscow, and I’ve always liked his work.  Read this and weep.  America

More Giveaways — Announcing the FMF Newsletter and Reminder: Benefits are a Significant Portion of Your Pay:  A new newsletter from FMF and a good reminder that benefits are nothing to be sneezed at – at least until we have some sort of health care in America that doesn’t involved signing over your kidney to get treated for a bladder problem.

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