lazy winter days linklings


Winter continues.
We passed attorney review on our house so the clock is now ticking on making a move.  Yet at the same time the weather, the passing of time since I had a schedule imposed by a commute and the exhaustion of dealing with two young kids all day long make the days blur into each other to the point where not much gets accomplished some days.  It’s amazing how the lack of external forces pushing you along makes getting things done more difficult.  It’s also amazing how recognizing that it’s amazing doesn’t help you get off the couch and do anything about it.

A few links:

Should We Downsize?: Downsizing is probably going to be the hot new trend for the next few years – if it’s voluntary, cool. If not, ouch.

Find Investment Opportunities In Any Business Market Environment! Ride The Economic Recovery: I’ve said before that more (long-term, not just paper) millionaires will be made in these tough years than during the boom years, and I believe it.

Job Search – Find a Freelance Job: Some good sites to start with if you’re looking for freelance work.

Three Investing Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Investing has an ugly side to it, and in my experience the ugly side is ALWAYS learned the hard way.

The Frugal Dog – The Cost of Dog Ownership: For me – not a pet person – the cost of dog ownership is a lifetime of getting up at 6 am and going outside to pick up someone’s poop with a plastic bag. I don’t need much more to convince me the cost is too high for me to bear, frankly.

Backwoods Home: My New Favorite Magazine: An interesting magazine – that I hadn’t heard of before.

Consumer Reports 2009 Best New Car Picks: Interesting how only one of the best new cars was American…

COBRA Changes – Premium Reduction Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Good news for those of us who are struggling with COBRA payments.

What Have You Given Up During This Recession?: A good question; so far we haven’t given up that much, but I suspect that will change before too much longer.

Don’t Donate Money To Charity: Not an unconvincing argument, in many ways.

How to Start a Blog for Fun or Profit – Choosing a Web Host: Sounds like LunarPages is a good deal if you’re toying with the idea of starting a blog (and I’ve had good luck with godaddy as well).

How To Deal With A Job Loss: If you’re about to deal with a job loss, here are some helpful tips, although I’ll add one more: don’t worry too much; life will go on.

You, Me, And Citi Make Three – US Increases Stake In Citigroup: Ugh.

photo credit: glangille