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So this week I started taking a landscaping design course in the evenings.  Nothing too hardcore, just an intro to the general principles; I learned how to draft out the area I’m going to landscape and a few general principles about Florida greenery.  Why am I doing this?  I’m not a particularly outdoorsy person (although I enjoy being outdoors, just not working hard outdoors).  I’m not a green thumb kind of guy.  But as a personal development type of thing, I was looking at taking some finance/accounting classes and suddenly decided (with a little prompting from Bubelah) to try something completely unexpected.

To give a little background:  the house we bought in north Florida has a beautiful backyard which is a large square, fenced in, with nothing but grass.  No trees, no flowers, no shrubbery – a blank canvas.  I decided I could put something in like a Japanese garden (or whatever) and call that my hobby du jour.  Blogging’s lost it’s sheen as a hobby, to be honest – something new needs to take its place.

So wish me luck trying something completely out of my normal wheelhouse like landscape design.  There’s a little tingle you get when you learn something completely new – maybe next I’ll sign up for a class in pottery or something!

On to the links:

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  1. “Blogging’s lost it’s sheen as a hobby, to be honest – something new needs to take its place.”

    Aw, I feel that way sometimes too! I try to switch it up with lots of product creation. I've particularly gotten into video creation…I have 10 (!) videos scheduled to create next week, and last week I did 4 videos in 2 days.

    I'm using the videos to get opt-ins…you can see one series of them at I plan to set up more mini-sites like this. Back end is an autoresponder with 3-4 free videos, then an upsell to a product.

    Doing something different like this helps me a lot. If I was just blogging all the time and not creating products, putting on webinars, and speaking at seminars, I would get pretty bored!


  2. The course sounds like one I'd enjoy too. We are trying to work on our outdoor space and while we don't have a blank slate (lots of trees and we've planted stuff too) I still feel like there is so much more we could do with what we have.

    Thanks for the link 😉

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