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I have a bit of cognitive dissonance when I hear that it’s still snowing in parts of these Americas.  We’re already knee-deep in summer here, walking in shorts and t-shirts outside all the time.  I know that climate isn’t the sole factor of happiness, but it does help greatly, in my opinion.  On a related note, I’ve just finished reading The Happiness Project and it’s given me some good ideas on how to force happiness, rather than hoping it will come around.  As someone who’s writing about the moody side of life – hence the name brip blap – I’d recommend this book as something that might be useful.



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  1. Living in Canada for my whole life has proven to me that climate is directly tied to happiness and productivity (in my opinion). I go down south every winter and I absolutely love being in the sun. When it snows every day and it’s freezing cold outside, you’re not too motivated to do much of anything some days.

    As for overall happiness– I find that ever since I started surrounding myself with positive people and taking care of myself (physically and mentally) that it’s now impossible to find me in a bad mood.

    Thanks for the link.

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