growing blogs and vegetables, and links

About a month ago I wrote a post giving my thoughts on blog monetization, and talked about how I was going to aggressively monetize my blog but try and keep some of the personal aspects alive. As an experiment I put up a few guest posts and decided I wouldn’t worry about revenue and just write creatively on any topic I chose. And I found that it wasn’t really happening – I can’t just start talking about politics or my thoughts on travel locations or whatever. So I’m going to go back to trying to stick to personal finance and productivity and career for the most part. I’m really waffling on all this, but I guess it’s what happens to most bloggers four plus years in. Plus I’ve found some of the writing energy I used to throw solely into the blog being sucked up by Facebook and Twitter, which is an interesting phenomenon (neither good nor bad).

On the plus side, we’ve been saving a lot of money: our little garden is yielding a HUGE crop of vegetables, meaning lots of fresh salads: we have dozens of tomatoes, cucumbers, salad, peppers, jalapeno peppers, etc. etc. right now not to mention abundant herbs. We didn’t have much luck last summer but so far this year we’ve had a bumper crop.  So we have some nice salads:  here’s a simple one.  Plus I’m having jalapeno egg white omelets every morning – one of my favorites.


On to the links: