goblins and ghosts and links, oh my

Halloween is an ugly mix of fun and, well, ugliness. Kids love the costumes, of course, and adore the candy.  I don’t like the candy – I don’t care for sugar in the first place but the horrendous, chemical-laden packets of sugar/high fructose corn syrup are truly appalling.  I like the costumes, but I don’t like what I view as an increasing “horror-ization” of Halloween – trying to add gore to the mix.  And honestly (put on the grumpy old man voice in your mind) I hate the final straggling remnants of the door-to-door trick-or-treating ritual.  Every year it’s fewer and fewer kids, but you still have to prepare, deal with the intrusion, etc.  Can we just declare that dead and gone?  Our kids went to two different “hosted” trick-or-treat events, where there were candy stations, music, games, etc.  It was much more fun than begging door to door.

Anyway, end the grumpiness.  Hope you had a happy Halloween!

“Bernanke printed over a trillion dollars out of thin air, then used that money to buy, among other things, mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and Treasury Bonds. In other words, the government was printing money to a) lend to itself and b) prop up the housing market, with Wall Street stepping in to take a big cut.” That happened – and it’s happening again, soon. When everyone’s complaining about high taxes they should stop and redirect their anger towards this move, which fundamentally weakens the US economy and makes the dollar worth less – far more dangerous than a 3% tax hike.