go out and brip it

I have to admit that I’m puzzled by the internet from time to time.  I’m no novice – I’ve been online since the headset-inserted-into-the-modem-receiver-with-the-screechy-noise days, but sometimes the craziness of it all amazes me.  I started getting some hits for ‘brip’ and found out that brip is a reference to a snowboard move:


1. brip

Shredding a turn on a snowboard or skies. Also accomplishing anything in general, but usually only exuberant things.
I bripped that mountain.
You sure bripped that RBV.
Cherish the Brip.

2. brip
To bong rip, or rip the bong.

To inhale smoked marijuana from a water pipe.


The third definition was pretty negative, so I’ll leave it out for self-serving purposes (it was #3: to lie, but it was overwhelming voted down, so I’ll dismiss it as a hater).

I liked that first definition. I know the urban dictionary has nothing to do with my writing, but I have to say I’m fairly pleased to see ‘brip’ – as in brip blap – associated with such a positive term as laid out in #1. And hey, #2 is not all bad, either.

So go out and brip it! 🙂  I love the idea that a word that I associate so closely with myself now could be a positive term.  Go brip it!  I think I’ll work it into my daily speech now, and you should too – not just for my sake or my site’s, but because that’s a great definition for a great word:  “accomplishing anything in general, but usually only exuberant things.”  That’s great- accomplish exuberant things:  brip them!

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  1. I never heard of the word brip until today! But I must say I do like the meaning of the word accomplishing anything in general. So I will go out and brip it today and tomorrow!!

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