getting one thing done

As part of my 6-posts-in-one-day assault, I thought I would address my latest productivity attempt. I find that I am an excellent list-maker and sorter, but I have the usual trouble getting things done.  I have decided recently that the focus has to be on getting one thing done per day.  Pick a random item from your to-do list (I use Vitalist) and do it.  Put no pressure on yourself to get more than one item done.

This concept isn’t original with me. Zen Habits has the big rocks concept, but it’s a concept that predates Zen Habits.  Nonetheless, it is powerful.  I get overwhelmed by lists.  The last few days, I have picked one item off the list – no matter how trivial – and told myself, get this one done today.  Everything else can slide.

It works.

The Rock
photo credit: Fr Antunes