Just as a general update to the “state of the blog” I’m considering ditching comments in favor of forcing everyone to comment either via Facebook or Twitter or StumbleUpon.  I’m getting so many spam comments that it’s become unpleasant to spend time deleting all of them. I’m coming to the conclusion that anyone who actually wants to comment shouldn’t be afraid to do so via Facebook or Twitter or any number of the options available via my “Share This” option set.  Pipe up if you think comments are vital, but I’m increasingly thinking that I’m better off asking people to give me their opinions on my writing via Twitter or Facebook or other social media.

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  1. I almost never comment on your posts, but I definitely won’t if I have to link my comments to my facebook account, and I don’t use twitter or stumbleupon. I don’t mind that you get my email address, but it’s no one else’s business who I really am, and my facebook account is really me!

    however, I understand that spam is a problem, so I can understand if you opt to go that way anyway.

    1. @bethh: No, I know I’ll lose some commentators if I set it up, but I’m just unbelievably frustrated with the huge amount of spam comments I get – and that’s AFTER my spam filter kicks out dozens. But your concern is precisely why I didn’t do it years ago – I know I wouldn’t like to comment on sites that required a Facebook login. I’ll keep giving it some thought.

  2. I think you’ll definitely get less comments. I likely wouldn’t comment via Facebook. I guess it depends on what you’re getting out of the comments. Are you trying to start a dialogue? If so, I don’t think Facebook fits.

    I can see why you would want to do this, though. I recently turned on DoFollow CommentLuv, and ever since I’m getting 50+ spam comments a day. It’s a shame, I was trying to promote good conversation on my site about the topics I bring up, instead I get crappy spam trying to sell insurance and iPods.

    I found using Disqus worked pretty well for hiding the spam. It might be something that would help you – I’m thinking about going back to it.

    1. @BNL: I know I’ll get less comments, and I wouldn’t like that. But would it increase comments directly to me via email? That would be a positive. I’d like to see more off-blog interaction. But as I mentioned to bethh, the spam comments are destroying my interest in comments overall – I spend more time each day spamming bad comments than I do reading legitimate ones. And that’s AFTER my spam filter, as I said. I shudder to think how many are being caught there.

      It’s a no-win situation. Disqus was OK, I used it for about a year, but I didn’t like having a third party “own” my blogs’ comments. That’s probably an irrational dislike on my part, but I just don’t see the benefit there. Maybe I just need a very difficult Captcha type challenge to make commenting difficult, but I think that discourages human commentators, too. Dunno. I don’t have a good answer….

  3. There’s a few different options. You can include a CAPTCHA which almost always eliminates the spam comments, or choose a different comment system. I use DISQUS which still allows your commenters to keep their anonymous identity, and pretty much gets rid of spam (I haven’t had any since I installed it). But like the previous commenters said, Facebook/Twitter/Stumble comments are going to decrease your comments overall.

  4. Steve,

    There is another thing that you might consider, there are a lot of companies which block access to facebook, twitter, etc. from a corporate network. If you force people to use those accounts, even if they wanted to, they would have to wait until the get home, find time and remember what they were going to say, and find your site and article and post it. Just a thought. My former company used web filters which saw every post to the internet, and I did not giving out the home email address that I gave them, but did not want to give out facebook logins, or anything else (even though they were blocked as well).

    I don’t know if at the end of the day it is worth it if you institute some other method. You will probably loose my comments, however that might be a good thing 😉 However if your creativity is waning … I would rather see content from you, and forgo the comments, than for you to shut down your site.

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