365 days and a roundup

I’ve survived another year, apparently – had a birthday on Friday that came and went with little fanfare, but still represented another year in the life of moi.  It’s amazing looking at my kids – who look upon birthdays as a high holy day when they, for one brief moment, will be the uncontested center of attention – versus me, who could at this age give less of a hoot.  I honestly don’t care.  What a difference time makes.  And age makes.

It’s probably better to take the childish approach and look at each year as an awesome opportunity for new adventures.

On to the links, which I neglected last week:

One24 Scam:  All of these scams are ridiculous… yet people still keep flocking to them.

TradeKing Review: $4.95 Trades and Bonuses:  One of these days I’m going to try TradeKing…. my broker charges significantly higher fees, but I’ve stuck with them because (a) I’m lazy and (b) I don’t trade that much.  But still, it’s a tought.

12 Best Money-Saving Apps for Droid and iPhone:  I have a Blackberry… so I hope these will eventually make their way to the most popular smart phone in America….

And Yet Another Example: Exactly.

Income Splitting and Permanent Life Insurance:  Somewhat Canadian-specific, but an interesting approach to income.

Why an Online Masters Degree?:  I think online education is awesome.  Much like much of my work, there’s no reason 90% of your education can’t be delivered online.  I work at a client right now who shares space in the high-rise with the University of Phoenix, and it seems to me that this is the future of education – online daily lessons, with occasional visits to “the campus” for tests and events.

What Should Your Financial Pie Chart Look Like?:  Heavy on the cash, low on the debt.

Google Content Farm Update: The Aftermath:  I haven’t been affected by this, much – my lack of success with search engine optimization is paying off!

We Did It! How We Become Millionaire:  Awesome.  Always good news to hear a success story like this.  Way to go, Sun.

Start Multiple Streams of Income or Side Hustle Today:  And why not?  If you have one source of income, you are 100% at risk for income.  That seems crazy to me.

My Smart Phone is Not So Smart:  I bent to the same logic – you can be proud of an old phone for just so long, before you realize you’re leaving a huge number of improvements on the table.  But I’m always amazed how the debate is Apple vs. Android when Blackberry is still the most widely used smartphone.  I love my Blackberry.  It’s the lack of apps that will kill it, but the device itself is far, far easier to use than any Apple/Android I’ve seen.

What To Do If You Can’t Find Your Dream Jobs:  This is what it’s come to:  you WILL have to MAKE your job.  Not just get hired into it – you will have to MAKE your dream job.

Trent does a good review of  Early Retirement Extreme and also has a good – mild – rant about “I Don’t Want to Be Your Client. I Don’t Want to Be Your Lender. I Want to Be Your Friend” – I agree.  I don’t want my banker/real estate agent/grocer/etc. to be my “friend.”  I want to have a nice, pleasant, collegiate relationship with them … but friendship?  Not really.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Steve.

    I have been watching LazyMan’s “expose” on the ridiculous MLM schemes also, so frustrating to read how brain washed some of those people are

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