updates, summer in October and links

This week I suddenly decided to update a few things here at brip blap. I’ve added a much more complex Facebook page, for starters, which you can see at facebook.com/bripblap.  I also added a new page here – greatest hits. I’ve got a Media Mentions page over on the Facebook site – a similar page is about 90% ready for this site.  And of course you can probably see (if you’re visiting the site and not reading through RSS or email) that I’ve changed up the layout a lot, including a “like on Facebook” thing-y on the right.

I’m also planning on getting up a coaching/consulting link here in the near future. I asked this question at Facebook, too, but I’ll repeat it here – is there anything about the site design that needs to be updated (good or bad)? Feel free to contact me directly, or leave a comment.

It’s been easy to feel enthusiastic, despite a woeful market for my “main” consulting specialties (audit and finance). That’s probably what inspired me to spend some time working on the “behind the scenes” part of the blog.  The weather has been nice – that’s an understatement – and this is the time of year that living in Florida really pays off.  When everyone else north of us starts to don jackets and coats occasionally, we’re still in shorts and t-shirts.  I know in 50 years it’s going to be 155 degrees in the shade (and our house will be underwater thanks to rising ocean levels) but right now it’s nice having a relatively hot autumn.

I linked to a few sites a bit off the beaten blog-reading path for me this week.

  • Whose permission are you waiting for to start your escape? :  I know in my case if I have any permission required to move away from my primary consulting work, it’s entirely internal.  I imagine most people who are “stuck” in lines of work they don’t care for that much may claim it’s the mortgage or the kids’ college funds or the car payment or whatever, but at the end of the day you have to give yourself permission.
  • The Road Less Talked About: Building a Business Empire, not an Income Stream:  I’ve just recently started reading Maren’s blog and in this post she’s talking about the anti-4-hour workweek (to put it in a nutshell).
  • Strategies for Minimalist Freedom Success: How to Make Difficult Decisions:  I am an experienced practitioner of paralysis by analysis.  This post made me think about the way I approach some of the difficult decisions I need to make.
  • I Made a Mistake and Checked Zillow.com Today:  If you aren’t planning on selling your home/investment property, a trip to Zillow is almost always wince-worthy.
  • Should You Save For Long Term Goals While Still In College? :  Honestly I think the main goal while in college should be avoiding debt.  Saving is a nice bonus, but unless you’re on a full scholarship AND work a part-time job, it’s going to be tough to find that extra money.  Not impossible – but tough.

And a few more: