the silence of the fingers, and links

You may have noticed the link posts missing the past few weeks.  Or maybe not, I’m not sure how many people read link posts – I know I seldom do.  I had to have minor surgery a couple of weeks ago, and the time leading up to that surgery and the time immediately afterward I didn’t really feel like working on these posts.  Usually, they seldom take more than a few minutes to complete, but that’s because I’ve been going through my Google Reader starring a few posts for inclusion later.  I hadn’t been reading blogs for a while.

But I do hope to return a bit more to active updating of links and if I can start working up the enthusiasm for it a few posts on off-topic subjects (gasp, didn’t see that coming, did you)…


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    1. Thanks! Recovery is about 90% done by now – going for my followup to the surgeon today, actually.

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