linklings, the lady gaga edition

I’m sure this happens to everyone. You hear a song and it sticks in your head.  You may not even like the song.  You may even DISLIKE the song.  Yet you can’t shake it.  You try to play Macarena, or Ice Ice Baby, just to dislodge one awful song from your brain by lodging another.  It doesn’t work.  Welcome to my weekend, which was centered around Lady Ga-Ga (or however she punctuates her name) and her latest tune-mangling.  Enjoy the video.  I know I have permanently traumatized my kids by wandering around the home muttering “ra ra romanza!” all weekend.  Please don’t judge me….

What can I say?  I had “Der Kommisar” stuck in my head for six months.  Help me, please.  Warn me of other songs to avoid.

(Here’s the video link in case the embed doesn’t show up…)

I’m going to work on solidifying the posting schedule, and finishing my (major) blog theme revision soon. Blogging’s tough work, especially after you’ve been after it for 2-3 years and feel like you don’t have much more to say.  I often feel like I’ve been to the well once too often, which is (probably) my own mental shortcoming…

I make money off of blogging, but not enough to make me highly devoted to it. I like writing, but I feel that I’m not on-topic enough to keep people involved – I’d be happy to accept some (positive) criticism.  I toy with the idea of abandoning any specific topic from time to time – but then again sometimes I think I should just switch brip blap to an astronomy blog.  It’s tough to know what to do when you don’t really know what you, yourself, want to do.

And from a lifestyle perspective, having permanent summer is working well for me so far. We took the family biking today, November 15th, to the beach.  In shorts and t-shirts.  In a crisp blue cloudless sky.  Did I mention it’s November?  It may not mean much to most, but I’ve been cheered tremendously by the absence of winter.

And finally, I had some commentary on these links, but Microsoft’s Live Writer is acting up on me as I try to watch the Indy-New England game and I don’t have the patience to fix it. Good stuff, and I particularly liked the “Disposable” link.  Plus, I don’t like Gary Vaynerchuk, to be honest.  Go to the comments on the link and you’ll see why.