linklings, I like to move it move it edition

Ringtailed Lemurs in Berenty

If you don’t have kids and don’t know the Madagascar movies, you won’t get the reference.   My daughter has been exposed to many more TV shows and movies (unfortunately) than my son was, simply because when he was younger he didn’t have an older sibling watching movies around him.  Little Buddy loves Cars and Madagascar and the music that accompanies both – including the “I Like to Move It, Move It” song.  Pumpkin just began to walk this weekend, haltingly, and three days later is careening about the house.  She likes to move it, move it – she likes to wobble around in time to the music.

When you’ve been in the position we’ve been in for the last few months – struggling with finding a new place to live, new jobs or other sources of income, and assorted other stressful incidents – watching children toddle and dance gleefully is a gentle reminder that as long as you have your health most things are all right.  There will be music, there will be sun, there will be laughter.  My family is victim to the recession, deeply.  We’ve been a zero-income family for four months now, and if it weren’t for our (relatively) frugal lifestyle, alternative income and large emergency fund we’d be suffering much more than we are – but we still have the future, and we can still have a few laughs dancing to music sung by a dancing lemur.

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Some links:

Ask the Readers: Is Your Home an Investment?: I don’t think so – your home is a place to live and hopefully, coincidentally an investment.

Self Employment Tax Lessons Learned: Ugh – another tax lesson I am learning too late, as well.

Exclusive Interview – CEO Reveals Thoughts on Executive Bonuses: Those fun-lovin’ CEOs – they deserve every buck they pull in.

Here’s Another Broke Multi-Millionaire: Another person we should feel sorry for… or not.

Save Money on Medicine: A few good tips on saving money on medicine, always worth considering.

Living In A Small Home: Pros and Cons of Downsizing Our House: You can downsize your house, or you can read…The Final Decision on Downsizing.

What Happens to Your Car Warranty if GM or Chrysler Goes Bankrupt: I haven’t been too worried about this since my Pontiac’s easing into “post-useful” stage anyway (and long, long since out of warranty), but it’s worth considering if you have a newer car.

April is National Financial Literacy Month: I forget, sometimes, that financial literacy isn’t something many people grow up with. I was lucky enough to have lessons about financial literacy early and often in my life, so it’s been something I never had to think about as something to learn.

fringe benefits of being employed: The socialization, however annoying at times, is worth a lot – Western society seems to lean on “work friendships” quite heavily these days. Since my college years, most (if not all) of my friendships have been acquired through work.

Do or do not, there is no try: Yoda on the scene, 900 year fiend smoking Dagobah green! (Yah, Empire beeyotches!)

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  1. I like white. Please don't go white type on a dark background or I won't be able to visit any more 🙁

    1. @guinness416: Don't worry, I hate that too. Whatever I do, it's going to be bright red backgrounds and lime-green jello text.

      Seriously, black type, white background will remain. It's more about layout than anything.

  2. You must have TBS this weekend! Madagascar has been on all weekend with my little guy watching.

    I always liked your layout. In fact when I switched to WP I was going to use the same theme as you then I saw you were using and didn't want to copy. But I cn understand wanting to switch I've been ansty too.

  3. I can't believe she is walking! Wasn't she just born…. like last week?! lol. Time flies.

  4. I can't believe she is walking! Wasn't she just born…. like last week?! lol. Time flies.

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